The Real Existing Real Reality 2022


Our title (The Real Existing Real Reality 2022) goes back to Boris Ponomarjov’s sentence about the “real existing socialism”. All references to the “reality” have in general two directions. In the first case “reality” is more valuable than utopies (like by Ponomarjov). In the second case reality is poor and negative compared to the ideas. But here we actually have to do with a third case. The exclusive possession of the power do define Reality becomes the real goal of the present war. Politics and epistemology became identical.

The triumphant neoliberalism appeared as a personification of every value in the current discussions. The greatest challenge in the present is to set neoliberalism identical to the monetarist economical system. The really existing socialism of the 70-s and 80-s avered as the subject against which (1) a classical political liberalism of the human rights, (2) a neoliberal epistemology (Karl R. Popper) and (3) a market economical neoliberalism could unit. The real socialism has not "misunderstood" this new situation. It has simply not recognized it.

Based on many years of globalization research, we attempt here to capture the true face of the actual globalization. The first sentence deals with the problem of the self-destructive society, which is a clear consequence of globalization in the general context of indebted states. The second movement is a new phenomenon in the comprehensive social development of global societies (i.e., societies in the age of globalization), which we categorize as the unfolding of the Three Societies. The Three Societies structure is also a clear consequence of globalization, but not only structurally and therefore objectively, in a Weberian valuefree sense, as has been the case with a self-destructive society. The Three Societies structure is already a consequence of the manifest distortion of the optimal global development. From a scientific point of view, the third sentence is the alien and non-legitimated emergence of imperialism in the already prevailing structure of globalization. In other words, this sentence can also be described as a description of a potential Third World War. These three sentences, however, make up a coherent line.
(The Self-Destructive Society)
By 1989, the logic of neoliberal turn exchanged the basic semantics of identity and difference. This means that neither the solidarity of socialism, nor the brotherly love of Christianity can diminish the harsh power of difference. Neoliberal identity consists in nothing else but the unconditioned respect and guarantee of the freedom and the rights of the individual. In these cases, difference is not a mere difference (as value, or ideology), it may become an essential and consequently an ontological feature of social existence.

A fundamental tendency of a self-destructive society is an extensive state debt that makes it impossible for the economy even in the most favorable conditions to catch up with it. Achilles cannot catch up with the turtle. A self-destructive society is a society that is unable to maintain (via regularly state institutions) the highly developed, post-welfare level of civilization that it had once reached. If a coalmine is shut down because of inefficiency, it won’t lead to social selfdestruction. But if the state is forced to noticeably back out from the fields of education or healthcare, the self-destructive tendencies become transparent. Therefore, the fundamental problem of a self-destructive society is not simply economic. To declare the state debt solely economic, is pure ideology. Not only does such a period not improve accumulated emancipatory values, but it often can’t even ensure the simple subsistence, if not survival of them. This selfdestructive society is the core new reality of our decades in all countries. [1]

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